Impact of population growth on environment

Unplanned migration is not only difficult for refugees. As the population of humans grows in certain cities or rural areas, more resources must be used to maintain the well-being of the population.

Improving Health and Nutrition: It's one of the most underestimated problems we face now and in the future. Conclusion With more than 7. While certain countries and therefore the people within those countries become more and more subject to poverty, unfortunately the only 'fun' thing they have in their lives is sex.

Secondly, moist air carries latent energythe potential for condensation of water vapor to heat the air.

As more land is used for agriculture or living purposes, the environment changes drastically. With increased productivity, less workers are required to produce raw materials for industry and food-grains for the population. Effects of Population Growth on our Environment. A dry air parcel one whose relative humidity is less than percent cools by 9.

Unlike previous geological epochs, where various geological and climate processes defined the time periods, the proposed Anthropecene period is named for the dominant influence humans and their activities are having on the environment.

Lack of property rights over excessive use of resources leads to degradation of environment. The reverse was also true—for example the population of North America grew only 4 per cent between andwhile its carbon emissions grew by 14 per cent.

To make the trade relationship work, the countries choose to make the product in which they have a comparative advantage. Birth rates naturally decline when populations are given access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, education for boys and girls beyond the primary level is encouraged and made available, and women are empowered to participate in social and political life.

The supply of freshwater is finite, but demand is soaring as population grows and use per capita rises. We humans have spread across every continent and created huge changes to landscapes, ecosystems, atmosphere—everything.

But how many people is too many. For many, particularly in industrialised countries, the consumption of goods and resources is just a part of our lives and culture, promoted not only by advertisers but also by governments wanting to continually grow their economy.

This can cause discomfort in breathing or even lung disease Arora. Without the ozone layer, harmful radiation from the sun can penetrate to Earth.

The government should expand health and family planning services and education so as to reach the poor that will help reduce population growth. The IPAT equation, first devised in the s, is a way of determining environmental degradation based on a multiple of factors.

One good model of over population is India. Population stabilization and resource conservation will lead to the challenges of sustainability. Funding and research should be a high priority in these areas, but we must accept that technology can only do so much, and is only part of the solution.

Effects of Population Growth on our Environment

As the population increases, there is an increase in the amount of pressure put on the agricultural sector. These factories lead to various kinds of pollution, including water pollution. The dew pointanother key weather variable, denotes the temperature to which air would have to cool to reach percent relative humidity.

PDF How can this be. Last but not the least, atmospheric changes have given rise to disruption of marine food chain, damages to coastal infrastructure due to sea-rise and regional changes in agriculture productivity due to hurricanes in seas.

Many weather patterns start with rising air. The damaging effects of economic development on environmental degradation can be reduced by a judicious choice of economic and environmental policies and environmental investments. The air parcel can change over time by rising, falling, or emitting or absorbing heat.

This will lead to cascading events that will negatively impact the marine environments and the quality of water. It may be fine to participate in consumer culture and to value material possessions, but in excess it is harming both the planet and our emotional wellbeing.

Besides regulator measures, there is urgent need for adopting market based approaches for the protection of environment. The impact that this population explosion has had on the environment has been just as striking, as seen by changes in greenhouse gas emissions, rates of soil erosion, and the extinction of species.

Does the simultaneous occurrence of population growth and environmental decline over the past century indicate that more people translate into greater environmental degradation?

presumes a one-step solution to the complex problems created by population pressures on the environment. Both population size and consumption influence. More: Environmental Degradation Facts. Is the concern real? Some scientists believe that our advances in Science will help augment the demands of a growing population.

They don’t believe that further population growth should be a cause of concern.

How does Population Growth Affects the Environment Sustainability?

By yearwe should be reaching a population between 8 to 10 billion. IMPACT OF POPULATION GROWTH ON ENVIRONMENT 27 The World Bank, for example, has provided the initial impetus for the development of National Environmental Action Plans (NEAP) in 18 African countries (Falloux ).

While the interconnected problems of population growth and environmental issues seem overwhelming, it is important to remember that humans can make changes that positively impact the planet.

One good starting point is understanding and applying the concept of sustainability, which is the opposite of resource depletion.

Effects of Population Growth on our Environment! One of the factors responsible for environment degradation is population growth or population density.

In particular, population density plays the most important role in shaping the socio-economic environment. Its effects are felt on the natural.

Impact of population growth on environment
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