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Bid planning including tactics involved in initiating a takeover bid and defensive strategies and tacticsdirectors duties, prohibited market conduct and the role of ASIC and the Takeovers Panel are also covered. Competition issues under the Competition and Consumer Act Cth as well as corporate governance issues under the Corporations Act Cth are explored.

The intellectual property rights available under the law are discussed but the focus is on the commercial implications of the IP regime. Timetabling information for the current year is available on this website timetabling information. Much of this regulation impacts on business, and its management who are, increasingly, personally liable.

The taxation of companies, partnerships and trusts, and international taxation are studied in depth in CLAW which, together with this unit, is a solid basis to prepare students for an important aspect of professional accounting practice.

The unit emphasises the practical applications of the tax law on businesses and investment. The course is designed as an introduction to the financial markets in terms of market design and structure. This unit focuses on key company law issues relevant to business.

Foundations of Business Law (CLAW1001)

It explores market anomalies, how bubbles form and looks at why investors are not always rational. There will be opportunities for students to examine how this impacts on regulatory policy and current negotiations.

Accordingly, all managers benefit from an understanding of corporate crime and its impacts. Download full guide here. Anonymous, Semester 1, great subject, really well run Anonymous, Semester 1, Attend tutorials and do the work, lectures may or may not be optional depending on how much you can take in per lecture because you tend to cover a lot of material each week.

It will introduce new financial theory and models. Block mode This unit is an introduction to research methods used in business disciplines. Supervision This unit comprises the research and writing of a supervised thesis on an approved topic in business.

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This unit will introduce students to aspects of this international system. It concludes with a study of the general anti-avoidance sections.

Business Law: CLAW 1001

PASS sessions are highly recommended for this unit as well. Unit of Study Outline Unit Code CLAW Unit Title Foundations of Business Law Semester 2, Pre-requisite Units: N/A This unit of study outline MUST be read in conjunction with exam means any paper-based reference materials at all may be brought into the exam (this includes your text.

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NOTE 1: The Australian Legal System I THE LAW AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM Law is the system of control through which society. Was J.P. Morgan a Captain of Industry or a Robber Baron? In the early nineteenth century the USA was very corrupt. It was a time were monopolistic businesses thrived, and small ones failed.

Business, Ethics and the Law - CLAW CLAW or CLAW Prohibitions. CLAW Details. Faculty: Business (Business School) Semester 2. tertiary institution you may be permitted to undertake cross-institutional study in one or more units of study at the University of Sydney.

CLAW1001 - Foundations of Business Law Usyd claw1001 paper
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