When brothers share a wife

To obtain these resources, however, shepherds must accompany the animals on a daily basis. Consequently, although men and women do not find the idea of sharing a bride or bridegroom repulsive, individual likes and dislikes can cause familial discord.

Let us consider a family in which the mother died before the son was married. In this case, a rule of inheritance such as primogeniture, could retain the family land intact but only at the cost of creating many landless male offspring.

The children, in turn, consider all of the brothers as their fathers and treat them equally' even if they also know who is their real father. Moreover, there is no demographic evidence of a shortage off males.

In a family where all the children were female, sisterly polygynous marriage represented the most common choice.

Conversely, when a woman with no male offspring was widowedshe would share a husband with her daughter "bigenerational polygyny"thus avoiding land partitioning reference missing.

To avoid this situation, the solution was a fraternal polyandrous marriagewhere the brothers would share a bride.

When Brothers Share a Wife

The small number of polyandry cases within the householder class were limited to only the wealthier families. In addition, he will experience less work pressure and much greater security because all responsibility does not fall on one "father". The bride normally sleeps with the eldest brother, and the two have the responsibility to see to it that the other males have opportunities for sexual access.

A survey by the Tibet University throughout Tibet found that Tibetan farmers regularly maintain cattle,yaks, goats, and sheep, grazing them in the areas too high for agriculture. Fraternal polyandrous marriages in Limi in average 2. For example, because authority is customarily exercised by the eldest brother, his younger male siblings have to subordinate themselves with little hope of changing their status within the family.

In Limi, for example,there were in sixty females and fifty-three males in the fifteen-to thirty-five-year age category, and many adult females were unmarried. Originally published in Natural History, Marchpp In these mono-marital stem families, the family head, who had a dominant role in the family, was called trong bey abo or simply abo.

Different mechanisms were employed to reduce the number of sons within a household, such as making one son a celibate monkor sending away a son to become an adoptive bridegroom to a family without male children. Mar 08,  · When brothers share a wife?

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Fraternal Polyandry Fraternal polyandry is practiced in Tibet-where all the brothers in a family share a wife. It is one of the rarest forms of marriage in the world, but common in Tibetan society, which is seen as an ideal form of marriage.

when brothers share a wife Ø This article illustrates the practice of fraternal polyandry (several brothers marry the same wife), a marriage type very different from our own experience in the West. WHEN BROTHERS SHARE A WIFE.

Ø This article illustrates the practice of fraternal polyandry (several brothers marry the same wife), a marriage type very different from our own experience in the West. · There is no attempt to link children to which brother is their father · There is choice in marriage and divorce: a brother just can just set up his own.

Oct 17,  · The eldest brother is normally dominant in terms of authority, that is, in managing the household, but all the brothers share the work and participate as sexual partners.

Tibetan males and females do not find the sexual aspect of sharing a spouse the least bit unusual, repulsive, or scandalous, and the norm is for the wife to treat all the brothers the same.

Article When Brothers Share a Wife 2 does so by keeping all the brothers to-gether with just one wife so that there is only one set of heirs per generation. While Tibetans believe that in this.

When brothers share a wife
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